The Circumcision Clinic Cardiff is a specialty centre established by Dr Anwar Khan FRCS (Edinburgh). Dr Khan is working in a sub-speciality of surgery at the Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport and the University Hospital, Wales, United Kingdom.

Dr Khan has an extensive experience in performing religious circumcisions. He has performed over Ten thousand procedures to date. He audits his work annually.

The pain and trauma often associated with the procedure can be minimised by having the procedure performed by a skilled surgeon who has extensive experience performing circumcisions and revisions of prior procedures performed by others.

Dr Khan regularly updates his knowledge and skills by going on study courses. He is also the founder of the Religious Circumcision Society of United Kingdom.

Dr Khan carries out the procedures with Plastibell (made by Hollister Incorporated and also known as Ring method) or Sleeve resection method (Foreskin is resected and possibly stitches are applied where ever necessary) as required and is very expert at it.

He offers full counselling and aftercare services for the well-being of all patients, parents and families and can be contacted at 24 hours any time of the day.

Dr Anwar Khan